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Todays Loss Against Buffalo Officially Seals The Jets Season


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Only question is whether Woody Johnson has seen enough too.

This is THE X-factor. My fear is that Woody is so burned out by the whole WSS fiasco that he's in Aruba rubbing down super-models and is phoning in orders. The question is, how many owners would accept this crap? Woody might be the one.

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WHo's suprised? Dear god did you Idiots really think Vinny INT could do anything but lose games for us?

Herm signed Vinny to guarantee himself another yr...nothing more.

Wouldn't be bad if he did win one or so. I mean, would that be asking too much?

It's just a shame... it seems like the team (on offense, anyway) got old overnight.

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And the Jets roller coaster continues.

Start of the season things were positive.

After week 1, not so positive.

Beat the Fish week 2, feeling better

After games 3 and 4 it looked pretty bad.

Then after game 5, some hope.

Yesterday, a familiar feeling returned.

I'm not feeling great about Monday at the Falcs.

But ya never know.


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