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Robert Downey to play 'The Wizard' in new Oz flick


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Robert Downey Jr. may land 'wizard' role in 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'

By Michael Sheridan


Wednesday, April 21st 2010, 12:27 PM

"Iron Man" may be taking a trip down the yellow brick road.

Robert Downey Jr., star of the upcoming comic book sequel "Iron Man 2," is in talks to take the lead in "Oz: The Great and Powerful," Production Weekly reported.

The prequel tale would follow the wonderful wizard when he first arrived in the faraway land somewhere over the rainbow.

As for who will helm the picture: Kate Winslet's recently jilted husband, Sam Mendes, is a possible contender. Reports also have suggested "Hairspray" director Adam Shankman could get behind the camera.

Penned by screenwriter Mitchell Kapner, the script is based off of elements from different L. Frank Baum books, the author of the original "Oz" tales, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In Baum's stories, Oz was something of a flimflam man before reaching Oz, with the new film likely offering up a character with a darker edge than the one presented in the family friendly "Wizard of Oz" from 1939.

This isn't the only production aimed at revisiting the Land of Oz. Two computer-animated projects, as well as another adaptation based upon a comic book, are potentially in the works.

The last time Oz was seen on the big screen was in 1985's "Return to Oz." The SyFy channel offered up a reimaging of the "Wizard of Oz" tale with its miniseries "Tin Man" in 2007.


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man they they really HAVE run out of ideas out there in Hollywood haven't they?

It's pathetic.

It's not that there is a shortage of ideas but these ass clowns don't want to take chances any more. Hollywood is playing it ultra safe and you know what they say about safe.

It's the same in the music industry. There hundreds of really talented bands creating original stuff but these major labels and radio stations lack the fortitude.

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I know people who work in Hollywood, they say its not like tons of great scripts are coming in and getting rejected in favor of crap. They say the scripts coming in are all crap just like the movies being made. One guy blames it on most aspiring screenwriters being too young to have any life experiences to base a script on. Anyway, maybe that explains why movies suck so bad and they have to keep remaking good movies from the past.

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