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Best/Worst picks...or thoughts...something.


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- I have to say I love the Raiders grabbing McClain. An unstable grabbing one of the most stable guys in the draft after picking up someone like Richard Seymour last year. I like what they're doing. They should/might have a good D.

- I knew the Jags would ***** it up somehow. They had to be one of the hardest teams to predict. What a reach though...w/e he should still be a good player.

- Loved the Texans' pick of Jackson. I liked Jackson more than Wilson.

- Dez Bryant was a steal that late.

- I really wish I called Dan Williams dropping in writing. That didn't even shock me. Good pick for the Cardinals...their DL is pretty loaded with youth and size.

- Graham to the Eagles was a nice move by Andy Reid.

- ***** Jared Odrick.

- I hope the Lions get a good OL or two. I think they should...

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I'm convinced Parcells would have taken McClain if he was available. I think the Raiders did us a favor by taking McClain first cuz he's good. I think McClain is pretty much just a better version of David Harris. I know people are saying he can only play the run, thats exactly what they said about Harris.

The Jags? Well, this is why they suck. I honestly think they would have been better off picking Tebow.

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Oh, and I love the Davis/Iupati combo by the 49ers.

Their OL now...it's very young and very talented:

Staley - Iupati - Heitmann - Rachal - Davis

They have alot of talent on their offense, and I think a random QB could have success there (Smith, Carr, someone).

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Sorry for repeat Gato ^^

Best Picks:

1. 49ers had an excellent draft picking the best guard this year, and a guard. Now they have 3 1st rders on their oline and will be a great ball control offense in a weak NFC west.

2. Cowboys -- Dez Bryant at that spot? Excellent pick. Tony Romo will have excellent numbers, and Dallas now has the best offense in the NFCE and NFC

3. Jets -- no homer goggles on here but Wilson's addition enables Ryan to bring the pressure and throw his CBs on islands

Honorable mention....Seattle


1. Jax -- Denver would get the worst with the Tebow pick, but picked a ton of value up by trading down. Alualu was a big time reach especially at #10. Even taking Odrick or Williams would be a stretch. Awful value.

2. Denver -- Tim Tebow is an terrible move. 1st round picks should be a starter on your team, or play a role to your team's success (usually). Tebow is a project, even though he's has a great work ethic. Then again there are hundreds of guys in the league with great work ethics. It's called being a professional. Finally, why bother trade for Brady Quinn if this was planned? Sure Quinn has been unsuccessful but they're carrying a large 1st rd contract for a backup who will be the heir to a project.

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the Wilson pick by the Jets was a heist of criminal proportions.

I loved Iupati but why trade up 2 spots for Anthony Davis when he's probably gonna be there at 13?

Alualu was bad value at least is a hard worker, they can't really say that about Anthony Davis.

Trent Williams at 4 could be insta-bust. He's gonna have to start week 1 at Left tackle in the NFC East. The last football he played was center in the bowl game. He couldn't keep his QB protected in the Big 12... or take his gum out when the draft started. That guy just irks me.

The Lions are fooling themselves with Jahvid Best... he's a great player... until he gets his bell rung.

The Titans are gonna try their damndest with Derrick Morgan but he might never be great... very good, not great... why they wanted JPP, better upside.

Loved the Dez Bryant pick, that's a place where he can shine and make a big impact, right away.

The Raiders took a good football player, hows that for surprising. The chiefs also didn't eff it up and I give them an A for that.

Someone needs to tell the Tampa Bay Bucs that the Cover 2 isn't a real defensive system. It's a look on coverage. I like Gerald McCoy, but even if he's the next Sapp they are still about 4 hall of famers short from being a good defense.

The Suh pick was a very good value at 2, he's a monster.

Brandon Graham at 13, that's a perfect place for him... Philly is one of the few 4-3 teams that will use him right.

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