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Question: Could the Jets' Secondary cover its Receivers?

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I think our secondary, as presently constituted, can cover any set of recievers in the league.

The more critical question will be "Will this increased ability to cover enable us to get to the QB more consistently?".

Me thinks so.

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i think the set of corners we have going against the receivers we have is going to just make the whole group better. it's goignto be one of the best receiving corps and best secondary going up against one another in practices.........gonna make each group just that much better.

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They will definitely get better and they will have to because Peyton made us look silly. If Sanchez can mature quickly and find his stride in the passing game we could really open things up and make the Colts' secondary look just as terrible. I have a hard time imagining teams defending Cotchery with their number three corner, safety help, or linebacker. We have homerun threats and guys who can tare it up at the line of scrimmage so good luck opposing defensive coordinators because the only defense that could challenge this offense is ours.

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Like I said yesterday. Anyone who believes Kyle Williams is going to step straight out of college and cover Jericho Cotchery is insane.

Also I wouldn't fancy Cromartie against Edwards.

A resounding no.

Good grief. :rolleyes:

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Revis can cover anyone and I think that we have quite the upgrade at the 2nd CB and Slot CB positions.

More importantly is this. Our receivers will be beast mode against the competition when they're having to go up against our CB's every day.

Im seriously smelling a Lombardi trophy, then a dynasty.

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