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who will be traded next, Mark Sanchez?


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I think he's a glitch in the forums's troll program.

I mean none of those guys can be real. Can they? :P

I'm an original JN veteran....you better check yo self before you wreck yo self

back to the topic...if the Jets WERE offered Big Ben for Sanchez would you take the trade?

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....but if it was ever on the table the Jets do not say no.

I disagree. The close spacing of the two incidents would make me wonder, from a pure front office standpoint, if Roethlisberger hasn't entered some kind of compulsive mental state from which he might not be able to emerge.

I think there is a real possibility that this guy is not in football next year or the year after.

I'd keep my prize rookie who came on so strong at the end of last year, thank you very much.

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