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The Front 7


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So we have...

DE: Ellis, DeVito, probably Douglas, Taylor, Pito, Thomas, Gholston, Pace

DT: Jenkins, Pouha, DeVito, Pito

LB: Pace, Thomas, Scott, Harris, Taylor, Gholston, Westerman

So besides Douglas, what can we do to improve this? Can we improve this?

I'm not a fan of the 3-4 DL depth after DeVito...Pito might be something, but so might Clowney or Allison. It's the same thing.

The LBers seem to be an underrated group as a whole. Pace is better than he gets credit for, and is on the cusp to being a big name player. Thomas is the solid starter guy. Scott and Harris are the duo inside. They showed some faith in Gholston by not jumping on a DE/OLB (like they did with DeVito and DE), and I think they legitimately want to see what he's got. I expect him to play more for Thomas as the season goes on, and hopefully he takes the job. They also hedged their bet by signing Taylor, but that's what smart people do.

The same can be said about the DL actually. Maybe I just want to get younger there sooner than they do, and DeVito doesn't seem like a bad start.

The Dolphins suck for signing Oghobaase.

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