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Cano has passed Pedroia says scouts


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Reggie, scouts: Cano better than Pedroia


Last Updated: 6:47 AM, April 27, 2010

Posted: 3:20 AM, April 27, 2010

BALTIMORE -- Reggie Jackson's belief that Robinson Cano has passed Dustin Pedroia as the premier second baseman in the American League isn't simply Mr. October's bias because he works for the Yankees.

"After this season he will be the best second baseman in the American League and then chase Chase [utley]," Jackson told The Post. "He is a better player than Pedroia and I think Pedroia is a great player, an MVP."

Jackson has company from the fraternity that scouts everything from tools to makeup.

The Post contacted six scouts and asked them who was better. Three clearly favored the sizzling Cano, another said it was close but went with Cano and while the fourth picked Pedroia, he admitted Cano was the better hitter. The sixth said Cano had better skills but Pedroia's all-out effort every game made it a push.




"I'll go with Cano over Pedroia. Cano is a left-handed hitter and can hit for more power," said a scout who watched Cano go 6-for-11 (.545) and drive in three runs in a three-game series against the Angels this past weekend. "With Pedroia [Fenway Park] is made for his swing. Pedroia can do some things but Cano has better range, better arm strength and turns the double play better. However, neither one is ever going to be Chase Utley."

To be fair, Cano benefits from hitting left-handed in hitter-friendly Yankee Stadium. Yet, Pedroia's splits back the scout up.

In 253 games at Fenway Park, the right-handed hitting Pedroia is hitting .325 (320-for-984) with 25 homers and 130 RBIs. Away from the Green Monster in 247 games he is a .287 (282-for-982) hitter with 22 homers and 95 RBIs.

Cano is a .306 (429-for-1,402) hitter with 47 homers and 208 RBIs in 365 games at the Stadium and a .310 (471-1,521) with 45 homers and 200 RBIs on the road.

"Cano has passed Pedroia," said another scout who watched Cano at Angel Stadium. "He is more athletic and as far as baseball skills he has gone by him. He has a shorter swing than Pedroia and Cano will use the whole field. He has quicker hands and his athleticism is better. Getting it all out of him is the only question I have, but he is by Pedroia."

Cano, a career .285 hitter in April, is batting .368 with four homers, 16 RBIs and an on- base percentage of .416. Most importantly after being installed in the No. 5 spot behind Alex Rodri guez, Cano is hitting .333 (6-for-18) with runners in scoring position after batting .207 (38-for-174) last year in the clutch.

Pedroia, a .273 ca reer hitter in the first month, is at .282 with five homers, 13 RBIs and .330 on-base aver age.

"He is going to hit .320 to .340, drive in 100 to 120 runs and hit 25 to 35 home runs," Jackson predicted of Cano.

Cano, 27, has been criticized for not being more of a down-in-the-dirt player like the 26-year-old Pedroia. But scouts don't evaluate dirty uniforms -- just talent.

"It's not even close between them," a scout said. "Cano is the better overall player. Pedroia tends to over-do everything; Cano under-does some things. Cano is a lot better hitter."

Another scout said don't discount Pedroia's attitude, but judging ability, the nod goes to Cano.

"Pedroia brings it every day but when it comes to ability, it's Cano," the scout said. "His bat plays to all ballparks and Pedroia's doesn't."


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I never considered Pedrioa better than Cano. You can throw all the stats at me you want, there wasn't a single moment where I wished we could swap Cano with Pedrioa.

You know, still till this day, I always felt the same when comparing Mantle and Mays...having had my childhood years during that era, I never thought Mays was better than Mantle...now, before you guys come on here saying that's only because you are a Yankees fan, I was never a Cleveland Browns fan, but to me, Jim Brown was the best football player I ever saw...

The popular stat that fans like to throw around today is OBP and Mantle had a .421 OBP over 18 years and his last several years sucked when injuries took its toll.

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Pedroia is a key cog to the Red Sox. Without him, the Sox aren't the same team. Without Cano, the Yankees would be just fine. There is more talent around Cano offensively than there is Pedroia. Cano is more talented than Pedroia, I'm just not sure his head nad heart is always into the game. Some of the defensive lapses I've seen Cano make just make me shake my head. That said, Cano has a bit to go before he accumulates the accolades that have been given to Pedroia.

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