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This just in: Roger Goodell to suspend Lawrence Taylor


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In this guilty until proven innocent society I'm not surprised.

Innocent until proven guilty and other constitutional guarantees like freedom of speech only apply to your dealings with the government. Taylor's endorsement contracts are private business dealings and he probably can be dropped, (unless the contract forbids it).

I think most of these endorsement contracts have "morals clauses" which allows the company to drop somebody in case they do something bad. After all, the company is paying this individual substantial money to be the face of their product-they should have something like that. And there is little question that Taylor was in that room to have sex with a prostitute.

Personally, I think all Taylor wanted was to have sex with a prostitute, had no idea she was underage, (yes I know the law says it doesn't make a difference, but intent always does when you judge somebody), and I would hate to see him do jail time for that.

But if he is in the business of personally endorsing products his dealings with those companies are something else. The companies do not have to worry about innocent until proven guilty, only if this incident makes Taylor no longer an acceptable spokesman for their product. If I owned a company or was in charge of their advertising, I would consider dropping him. Wouldn't you?

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