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So I just got home. And that really happened. I walk towards the bathroom and this guy is standing in front of the sign. I go into this bathroom and it is like heaven in there. Just beautiful and so clean. Amazing.

Private stalls.

I had the whole thing to myself. I never really get too comfortable in a public bathroom but this was too good to pass up. Clean beyond belief.

Anyhow, long story short, I take my time. Tweet a bit, a few posts on JN, life is good. Text message my brother who is watching the Mets game, telling him about this nirvana I found. Put my droid to some quality bathroom use.

As I am washing my hands, this lady who is well dressed and works for the Mets walks in and gives me the weirdest look. At that point I realize that there are no urinals and I am in the ladies room.

Yeah that was uncomfortable.

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