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Lack of talent at TE

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We signed Jeb Putzier from Denver, they only have a couple of days to match now I believe.

If that goes through we give up our 6th round pick, not bad, better then Becht.

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A one year stop gap like Dilger may be OK if Putzier is matched by Denver, because the NEXT draft is insane with TE talent:

TE (loosely ranked)

Mercedes Lewis UCLA

Matt Herrian Nebraska

Tim Day Oregon

Clark Harris Rutgers

David Thomas Texas

Troy Bienemann Washington State

David Jones LSU

Joe Klopfenstein Colorado

Dominique Byrd USC

Cooper Wallace Auburn

Leonard Pope of Georgia, Anthony Fasano of ND and Joe Newton of Oregon State are all juniors to be-be that could add to this group...Pope and Newton are almost certain 1st rounders.


A ton of TE help is on it's way for teams, but not in the upcoming draft.

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Yea this years draft has no real bright spots at TE

Miller is real good--set a bunch ACC records in just 3 seasons--Most career TD's, catches and yards for a TE in a career.

Had Virginia had a decent QB, his numbers would be totally insane.

But, you are right, he'll be picked before the Jets pick, so it won't matter much....Wait till the next draft, for the flood of talent.

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so far ive heard nothing as far as gettin rid of the waste of human flesh Becht......are there any possiblities on a functioning TE for us

Becht is no longer on the roster. His contract expired the day free agency began. 8)

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