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I was thinking about making a post on something like this last week. I had to run an errand in one of those bohemian neighborhoods with art galleries and cool stores where yuppies live next to the ghetto. So I'm there for something and decide to do some shopping as long as am there and stuff and hit the local trader joes and walk around. Absurd number of over age hotties wearing tights. Those women really age well. So many times I would be on line for something and think the @ss in front of me was a classic piece of god's workmanship and then the lady turns around and she's 45.

So anyway, it dawned on me that all the women wearing skin tight clothing were a little on in years. Still hot, but, you know. So I thought about it and I decided that when you get that age you prolly find having men stare at your behind comforting instead of terrifying like they usually do.

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