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Jenkins on Rex re body fat percentage

Kentucky Jet

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Kris Jenkins on Rex Ryan: "His body fat percentage says pudding"

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on May 22, 2010 10:22 PM ET

Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins' interview with NFL Network's Rich Eisen is technically four days old, but it's new to me. (Plus it's Saturday night, I ran a half marathon this morning, and I'm too tired to look for something new.)

The four-time Pro Bowler says his weight loss competition versus Damien Woody and Rex Ryan is unfair. After the group weighed in, Jenkins knew he had the most muscle in the group.

"I know with Rex, his body fat percentage said pudding," Jenkins said. "I'm really with some guys right now, that are a lot of mush."

Despite that, Jenkins says his experience losing weight will pay off, and he'll drop 50 pounds and win the competition.

"I think I have the work ethic on this one," Jenkins said.

But he theorizes that his job will be tougher because his chubby friends have more fat to lose.

"Damien Woody can tell you," Jenkins said. "Half of his body composition is Maryland crabs."

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