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Michael Hawkins a good Day 2 pick, via AFL

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The other day, I featured a kid named Troy Bergeron, just turned 21 and dominating the AFL at WR, like no former NFL veteran ever has...Bergeron was a highly regarded Auburn recruit at 6'2", with 4.4 speed, who dropped out of college twice.

Today, another AFL prospect officially emerged and, unlike Bergeron, he IS draft eligible.

CB Micheal Hawkins of the Dallas Desperados.

He was simply one of the 10 best high school players in America in 2001 and would be a true junior at Oklahoma, had he not quit the team and left school after his freshman season.

Here's his NFL Pro Day numbers from today:

Michael Hawkins DB Hawkins (6-1
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You're not kidding...Here's their top recruit in the early Stoops era and he just leaves, despite the fact they probably had him signed up for gym classes 5 days week...

Have no idea why he left (can't find it) and have no idea what he did while he was out of football--just no info on that...When he declared for the draft, I couldn't find a darn thing on him--except a ton of praise for his high school exploits.

He just showed up for an open try-out and got a contract.

Let me say this as a warning: Unlike Bergeron who is smoking the league, I can hardly find any AFL stats on this player...

Just might consider him in round 7 based on talent...Because he almost no football experince and could get better, perhaps?

But yea, we were talking the other night about the AFL becoming a "flophouse" for college rejects with a ton of talent--that's the deal here.

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Good find, Rigs.

You just hope this is the exception and not the rule for the AFL. If the NFL wants to use it to somehow circumvent the NCAA, it could get bad. The AFL is a nice little product, it would be a shame to see it lose that.

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TS, he might not be a bad boy...Never read anything about personal problems....

but is it possible there is someone out there not smart enough to ace gym and cooking classes at Oklahoma?

Here's the king of the clowns:Calvin Armstong

In order to stay eligible for the 2004 season, took 3 hrs. of billiards (shooting pool) a week--his only class :shock:

Right after the season ended, he quit school, I think--In his defense, he may've graduated in May and billiards might have a Master's program :twisted:


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There's no doubt that Hawkins is a great athlete and The AFL has really done a good job picking up all this young talent.

They are willing to take on all these exiled college players.

In the history of Arena Football. We have seen a few offensive players make the jump to The NFL but defensive players. Not really.

Hawkins will get a look and will be in somebody's NFL camp next season. He's worth a flyer.

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YJF,the only 2 defensive players I know of to make the jump in any significant way are LB Mike Maslowki (Chiefs) and DB Kevin Kaesviharn (Bengals)....Both, however, played in out door leagues before jumping--Maz in NFLe and KK in the XFL.

But you are correct, it's a QB, WR and kicker league, mostly. The Lineman--offensive and defensive--play in such a weird way (3 men lines), that's it poor preperation for the NFL. They use no TE's or tailbacks, so they can't develop those player.

Hawkins, Bergeron and McPherson are a nice addition to the league, but let's hope the league doesn't go overboard with these talented college dropouts. Bergeron is a huge star. I don't remember the 1975 baseball season, but I know my history--Fred Lynn won the Rookie of the Year and the MVP...That's what Troy can do at the age of 21 in the AFL--not insignificant, considering hundreds of former NFL players have played in the AFL.

McPherson and every QB should spend 1 season in that league. Action happens so fast, that player's decision making becomes automatically better.

Hawkins needs time. But by jumping early to the NFL, he forced their hands to chose him or not. Either way, he'll be on someone's pre-season roster.

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You know what's strange about the AFL? You see these QB's and you SWEAR that they can play in the NFL. Aaron Garcia, the NY QB, puts up outstanding numbers and is cool as a cucumber in the pocket. He has a puny arm, but if you're asking me today to choose between Garcia and Fielder as the Jets back-up right now, I'd choose Garcia.

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