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Live updates from Todays OTA's


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  • Kris Jenkins said it was 1st time he did portion of ind. drills. Said his knee is fine, but they want him 2 get down to target wt. #nyj 23 minutes ago
  • RB Joe McKnight said he feels in much better shape and much more ready than rookie camp. #nyj 28 minutes ago
  • Folk ends practice by making from 41. That's a wrap. On to locker room. #nyj 51 minutes ago
  • St!tser missed 3 times (48, 41, 33). Rex not pleased w/him last wk. End could be near. #nyj 52 minutes ago
  • K Clint St!tser misses wide left from 47. And by wide left, I mean as far wide as you can go. #nyj 54 minutes ago
  • O'Connell connects w/WR Braylon Edwards in end zone. Edwards makes catch over Drew Coleman, but off. PI called. Coleman slow 2 get up. #nyj 56 minutes ago
  • O'Connell slips in really nice throw to TE Jeff Cumberland btwn S Eric Smith and Donovan Warren. #nyj 59 minutes ago
  • Nick Folk makes 47-yd FG to end drive. But looked like someone could have been coming through for the block. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez ran one play on 11-on-11s: A handoff. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Another look at Secretariat -- er, Antonio Cromartie -- on returns. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez connects with Smith again in end zone on final rep of series. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Clowney goes up for a high pass from Sanchez, comes down with it. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez finds Tomlinson in front of Revis. Then Brad Smith shows good speed on crossing route. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez squeezes pass into Cotchery. View partially blocked but looked like between Kyle Wilson and Brodney Pool. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez's pass deflects off Bart Scott, flies up in vicinity of Braylon Edwards, falls incomplete. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez pump fakes, then easy throw-and-catch to Cotchery on crossing route. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez throws to Shonn Greene, who drops the pass in front of David Harris on coverage. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez misfires to Cotchery on his first play of 7-on-7s. #nyj about an hour ago
  • QB Kevin O'Connell hits WR Britt Davis for a nice catch over CB Dwight Lowery. #nyj about an hour ago
  • DE Vernon Gholston, S Brodney Pool working w/first-team D. Kyle Wilson at nickel. #nyj about an hour ago
  • 11-on-11s starting w/Kellen Clemens at QB. #nyj about an hour ago
  • Sanchez moving around well and practicing red-zone throws now. Hits Braylon Edwards twice. #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • And... Jenkins is back on field doing individual drills... Meanwhile, DE Shaun Ellis is now on the bike #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • And... Jenkins is back on field doing individual drills... #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • Brief stay on field for ind drills: Jenkins back on stationary bike now. #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • DT Kris Jenkins, who was on stationary bike last week, is doing individual drills with the team today. #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • Vlad Ducasse still working at LG w/1st tm next to Mangold (who had thigh contusion last wk). #nyj about 2 hours ago
  • Out at Jets OTA today. TE Ben Hartsock on stationary bike. #nyj about 2 hours ago

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e_man from JetsTwit.com has a real nice recap as well: http://jetstwit.com/2010/05/27/breaking-down-the-jets-ota-tweets-for-527/

Breaking Down the Jets OTA Tweets for 5/27

The New York Jets conducted OTAs today and the Beat Writers were on hand tweeting live once again every single play. Jets Twit had a live widget on this site, and we would also like to give a shout out to Brian Bassett from TJB (TheJetsBlog.com) for giving us props on the idea.

Now for the analysis of the tweets! To download the full transcript, our Express site [url=http://jetstwit.posterous.com/new-york-jets-otas-tweets-from-may-27-2010]has the full transcript for download at Jets Twit

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