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Falcons Sign Toby Gowin!

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How do the Falcons continually make the playoffs when they do things like this?

Now that they have Gowin and Aaron Beasley, I'd venture to guess Curtis Conway and Sam Garnes are on Jim Mora's speed dial.

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Hopefully the Aussie player can make the transistion to American style punting - we have had enough of these directional type guys that can kick only 35 yards at best.

Now we have to get rid of Brien- he can not be on this team next year- the media and fans will crucify him.

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Correction...I'm pulling FOR the aussie.

It was early....motor skills still sleeping! :roll::lol:

oh artsy..... nice way to start of this morning ..:lol:

hey is the field 40 yds shorter in atlanta...? that could only help toby.. ;)

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