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Whose Blatherings are More Useless?


Biggest useless blabbermouth  

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  1. 1. Biggest useless blabbermouth

    • Sean Salisbury
    • John Madden
    • Peter Gammons
    • Joe THEES-man
    • Joe Morgan
    • John Sterling/Suzyn Waldman
    • George Bush Jr.
    • Mark Cannizzaro

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I just threw it out there. No real political lean involved, SJ. Swear to God. I just wanted to piss on Salisbury.

oh i didnt mean it was politically motivated,, not at all,,, what i meant by throwing it out there 30% didnt really answer based on media person,, i would have liked to see that,,,,

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Stephen A Smith needs to get punched in his kermit the frog looking face.

Also, Joe Buck is atorocious. they found possibly the most dry man on the face of the planet to do the WS?

Possibly the worst commentary team on TV has to be Sunday Night Football on ESPN. Theezeman, Maguire, and Mike Patrick. these people are all complete idiots, who have NO idea what they are talking about.

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