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Giants to play regular season game in London possibly?


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Is London calling the Giants?

Fresh off the apparently successful staging of a regular-season game in Mexico City last month, the NFL is considering the possibility of holding one overseas in 2006. And according to a report out of London, the Giants are a "primary target" for a game in London's new Wembley Stadium next October.

Pete Abitante, the NFL's senior director of public affairs, called that report "premature." However, he said representatives from Dusseldorf, Tokyo and Toronto had attended the Cardinals-49ers game in Mexico City and added, "London has certainly expressed an interest (in hosting a regular-season NFL game) as well."

The report in London's online Marketing Magazine said NFLEurope already has provisionally booked Wembley Stadium for October and potential sponsors have been contacted. Abitante said it's "possible that some sponsors have had their temperature taken regarding their interest and that Wembley has been asked to mark possible dates on their calendar. But at this point it's all on a 'what if' basis."

The Giants ventured overseas in 1994 when they played an American Bowl preseason game against the San Diego Chargers in Berlin.

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