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who should replace leon in the banner ?

who ?  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. who ?

    • sanchez
    • greene
    • brick
    • mangold
    • harris
    • other - explain

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get rid of broadway and add mangold and sanchez

I agree with getting rid of Broadway. He's had 40+ years of being that guy. Its really time for a new legacy.

This should seriously be considered, especially if the majority of Jet fans are REALLY seeing this team as legit contenders for years to come. Losing franchises still revel in the past. We need to get rid of that aura.

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My apologies I am way late on the conversion. Still trying to get things updated. We will have it looking good before camp.

maybe it would have been done sooner if you hadnt spent the week in bawston! :P

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You have Joe Namath in the banner & all of the other 3 are current players - why is that?

Shouldn't it be one of each of the 50 years the Jets have been in the AFL/NFL?

If it was me I'd post it this way:

  • 1960 - 1969
    • Don Maynard

    [*]1970 - 1979

    • Joe Namath (Superbowl in 1969)

    [*]1980 - 1989

    • Joe Klecko

    [*]1990 - 1999

    • Curtis Martin

    [*]2000 - 2009

    • Mark Sanchez


    • Darrelle Revis

That's right kids, it should be 6 not 4 in order to include present history -

"if we do not learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it..." Julius Cesar

But that's just me...

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Dumping Joe would be the equivalent of the Colts kicking Unitas to the curb.

Namath should stay because:

1. He's the reason many Jets fans became Jets fans.

2. He accomplished what no other Jets QB has done; win a Super Bowl.

3. His spirit serves as an inspiration to all Jets QBs.

4. His "F-ck what others think" attitude is the driving force behind Rex's Jets.

5. No other QB in NFL history was as cool as Broadway Joe.

I insist, fix him next to "JN" (JN- Joe Namath, get it?) on the banner. The new guys go on the right.

Rex, Sanchise, LT, Revis, and a weekly honor to the most deserving player.

Note: if this was done last season, Feely woulda been bannered several times. Just sayin.

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