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Is it me or is there a new "best pitching prospect" every year?


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The 5 best pitching prospects over the past 10 years:

1: Strasburg

2: Prior

3: Price

4: Porcello

5: Verlander

The first 3 are in a tier of their own. All of them are physical prototypes with dominant stuff and pitching ability.

Cole Hamels actually could have been on here, but he broke his pitching forearm twice in HS. He was really good though...he and Kazmir were in the same draft wither another power lefty with a sick HS offspeed pitch in Adam Loewen. Hamels absolutely dominated the minors.

Andrew Miller got alot of hype...Clayton Kershaw was impressive enough to go 6th overall. Kershaw is what I thought Loewen was...Lincecum was legit. The only reason he's not on here is because of size. He was dominant in college, but it's the absolute commitment to fitness that sets him apart. That's why it was so easy to buy him as a starter. I don't think there's a better athlete amongst the pitchers in the league.

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