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Kevin Mawae Journal - Talks NFL FA & the Jets

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Kevin Mawae Journal from NFLPLAYERS.com

Free agency is well underway and a lot has happened over the last week - no transaction bigger to the Jets than the trade of Santana Moss for Laveranues Coles. In my opinion, this is a great move. The rapport that Chad had with LC three years ago was never realized with Moss. Hopefully the two can duplicate their ties next season. Despite what the headlines said about LC being greedy and going for more money, LC is a great pickup. The better part is that he wanted to be here. Some fans never realize though that the NFL IS A BUSINESS for both the teams and the players. No one can fault LC for wanting to be on a better team in addition to a bigger contract. God bless him and good for him in getting what he wanted.

As for losing T Kareem McKenzie and DT Jason Ferguson - one was expected, and the other we may end up paying for. Kareem is a good tackle, but no one expected him to get what he did from the Giants. I am happy for him and we

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Hey, Smizz. I posted this two days ago. Please scan threads before posting. Max and Tom would hate to have to ban you for this.

There is too much traffic here already. :lol:

p.s.: Muahhhhaaaaaaa

Where is the LINK? I WANT A LINK?

14 days for you. No post.

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