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Hot or Not # 2: Jenna Fischer


Is Jenna Fischer hot?  

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  1. 1. Is Jenna Fischer hot?

    • Yes, she's hot.
    • No, she's not hot.

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Well, the 1st "Hot or Not" I did seemed relatively successful, so let's do another one! (In case you missed it, we determined that Kristen Stewart is NOT hot). Here's a girl I've had a crush on for a while. You may also know her as "Pam" from "The Office".



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I voted Yes.

She has that subtle hot chick at the office that you hope is doing overtime when you're working late thing about her.

She has that sneaky hot body. You can tell she has a "nice" body but with less clothing it's very "Damn!"

Plus she has a pretty smile. That counts. Unlike Twilight girls UH-DURRR look.

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You got wild tastes my man.

I like you, but you're crazy. :biggrin:


She looks like a prettier young Joan Jett there, back when I thought Joan Jett might be straight. The black hair really brings out her green eyes, too.

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