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Los Angeles Lakers - 2010 NBA Champions


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Nothing feels better than beating Boston. Revenge is the best thing in the world. CHAMPIONS OF THE ****ING WORLD!

They're champions of the United States of America, F**K Kobe and Rondo needs to grow a 3point shot before Blackout ever considers this guy the best Point guard in the NBA.

I've watched 4 of the 7 games and the defender was playing off of rondo damn near at the foul line because this dude cant shoot a jump shot.

Im not saying to be Reggie Miller, but damn...all I kept saying to myself is "Shoot the ball"! But he refused to do so. So the only thing that comes to mind is that he doesnt have a jump shot. If he was able to knock down the 3 point shot, the Lakers would have been done in 5.

Not that I care, I stopped following basketball since Reggie retired. I did have to tune in though given that this was a Celtic/Laker final.

Congrats! Man I wish I was able to see Reggie Miller get one. Oh well, I'll be happy with with the Jets superbowl this year!

P.S. You like how I made this quote about Reggie Miller dont you lol. F**k Kobe :-)

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Ray Allen tossing up bricks was what killed Boston.

LA was handing them the game with Kobe struggling for three quarters but Boston couldn't take advantage. Pierce & Ray Allen: 8/29 from the field.

Maybe if Perkins hadn't been hurt they would've won. We'll never know. They missed his rebounding. Somehow, they didn't seem to miss his defense.

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True about Perkins although if Bynum was healthy two years ago, heck if he was healthy this year it could have been a sweep. He had periods of dominance against the Celtics bigs.

no question but Bynum is always injured so he's not someone to be counted on

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