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Hot or NOT: Erin Andrews


is Erin Andrews Hot?  

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  1. 1. is Erin Andrews Hot?

    • Yes, she's Hot!
    • No She's Not Hot!

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So this is the chick all you sports nut guys are going crazy over? She has the face of a chick 2 times her age. Hot bod though ( as evidenced from that filthy:lol: peephole video) What is your verdict JN!



Still think she has an old face.

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I think you're straight. :P

She's got a smokin' body but, like Kristen Stewart, she has some masculine facial features.

Hehe, I know, right! :D I'd say I might be 98% attracted to men and 2% attracted to women, but the thought of having to kiss a woman (or do anything else) does not appeal to me in any way. So I don't know what it means if I like to stare at certain ones. Cough KRISTEN STEWART cough.

I've decided I'm voting "hot" on the really beautiful women in these polls even though Kristen (and Adriana Lima from several years ago) are the only ones who are truly "hot" to me.

I'm also sad my "Hottest Man" thread went nowhere. Maybe Lily would come vote with me if I started my own polls. :P

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