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Excellent Police Work

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Some idiot hit a couple of pedestrians in Boston and took off onto the Mass Pike with police in hot pursuit. He made it about 20 miles before the Mass Staties took care of business.


Check out the 33 second mark on the video. I'm sure G.O.B. will approve :cheers:

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Cops get pissed when you run from them huh? Most of the times you see them throwing punches is after a chase. ****er deserved it though.

It was 90+ degrees today. Since the guy wasn't wearing a shirt I'm sure his back is burnt to a crisp.

Is there some kind of criminal dress code where you can't wear a shirt?

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Absolutely and Simply Awesome.

Excellent display of professionalism by the Massachusetts State Police in apprehending an individual who was putting the public safety at risk.

Lets just hope the perp wasnt Professor Henry Louis Gates or the Mass. cops will be getting another call from DC :(

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