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Im happy Santana got to play with a REAL team and a REAL QB


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That bum Coles.. The guy is horrible, and I hate him.. Everytime I see him I am reminded of how we let an amazing future Hall of famer leave.. not to mention the future Hall of Famer(S.Moss) makes almost twice as less as the bum(Coles)

I hope Coles breaks his toe so we could cut his emotional arse, and get rid of him for good...

Santana is not only a much better player then Coles, but a much better person as well..

We miss you Santana, and we're glad you're gone.. You don't deserve to play for a franchise as inept as the Jets, and with a QB as bad as Chad Pennington.. Im glad you can now showcase your talents with a REAL team, and a REAL quaterback..

On behalf of NYJ fans everywhere we apoligize for ever doubting you.. You truly ARE a special player, and im sure the Jets apologize for stealing 4 years of your career, and costing you millions of dollars in the proccess..

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Sa what you all want, this post is an exhibit in frustration. The poster is tired of this organizations blunders as am I.

While I doubt SM is a HOF'er, I totally agree with the posters passion, and overall feeling of embarassment and disgust with the NY Jets organizaition.

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