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If Mike Vick Passes for Over 250 yards tonight


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He probably wont need to with Warrick Dunn probably carving up our defense.

Tj Duckett is done...there is no 1-2 punch in atlanta anymore...Vick can't beat us by himself...I don't care how many times he pulls it down and runs with it.

He can't pass and beat us....This game is a wrap.

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I have Dunn on my salary cap fantasy team so the fact that Duckett isn't playing will probably help him. I also need a huge night from Curtis Martin if I want to win my matchup in one of my Yahoo leagues.

I'll hope for a big night for both RB's with the Jets coming out on top. :lol:

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Thanks SS.

If I am going to add to Smizzy's proposal, might as well do it Smallville style. :D

Hell yeah. And, the look on Mike's face... just adds to it.

And the Atlanta offense having 490 total yards of offense? Someone's on Ron's jock hardcore. The Atl will be lucky to get close to 250 total yards.

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230 yards passing, 2 TD

55 yards rushing


145 yards rushing, 2 TD


60 yards rushing

50 yards receiving, 1 TD


95 yards receiving, 1 TD

You heard it here first!

Maxman isn't gay he's Bi...You heard it here first.

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Are you a douche bag in every thread or just the ones this lowly Falcon fan posts in? Sense of humor for the win!

No, it's not just a show for the lowly Falcon fans who have no sense of humor. I also talk down to Purdue fans. It's the entitlement and power I get from being a Michigan fan. Ask Bob. He knows about it, since he cheers for Notre Dame.

And, I don't remember saying the Jets would win. I just said that the Falcons are vastly overrated. If the Jets get their offensive act together (which is a huge IF), then the Birds are going to lose. Why? Simple. The Falcons have no passing attack to speak of, save for the TE post in the middle to Crumpler. And the Jets linebackers are athletic and fast enough to cover Alge.

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