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Chat Transcript - Daily News Chat with Manish Mehta

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12:59 Good afternoon everyone. I could waste precious seconds with an elaborate introduction, but let's get right to do it. Fire away!

Thursday July 1, 2010 12:59

12:59 [Comment From Derek: ]

Manish, finally we have our chat back. I love almost all the offseason moves T-Rex have made. LT and JT will make us better on both sides on the ball. Pool will fit in so much better then glamour boy Kerry. Cro and Holmes were steals. But I question the Faneca release? I realize his strength was not pass blocking and we will be throwing the ball more but why release him when for only 2 mil we could have had him for another season. I just think that if I was building a SB team I would want a guy like Faneca on my team. Are Vlad/Matt even close to Alan? I just don’t understand it and would love to get your take on the reasoning.

1:01 I completely agree with you, Derek. I think Tannenbaum, Rex & Co. have made some solid offseason moves, but I've been openly critical of the decision to cut Faneca and let Feely walk. Faneca clearly isn't what he used to be, but I have to believe for one year -- for a team with Super Bowl aspirations in 2010 -- he would have been their best option. Ducasse and Slauson have potential, but to think that they'll be as effective as Faneca in 2010 isn't realistic. The organization really believes Ducasse has a chance to flourish, but this is a Win Now team. So it was a head scratcher to part ways with Faneca.

1:02 [Comment From IRA: ]

Manish, I see the Jets as a 11-5 or maybe 12-4 team if they stay healthy. I think the Ravens,Colts and Chargers are all in the same position. I give the Jets the edge over all of them because of their defense as long as Sanchez contiunes top lay like he did in the playoffs. How do you see it?

1:05 This team could be downright scary if Sanchez duplicates his playoff performances. I'm picking them to win the AFC East, but I have to be honest and say that I like the Ravens to make it to the Super Bowl. Sure. the Jets have a better defense than the other three teams you mentioned, but I think Flacco, Rice, Bolden & Co. have a better offense. Right now, I'd say the Jets will go 11-5, but I reserve the right to change that based on what I see in training camp and the preseason. That Monday Night season opener against the Ravens could be a AFC Championship Game preview.

1:06 [Comment From Old Rogue: ]

Good afternoon, Manish. – Leaving aside the hyperbole of the past few months, are the NY Jets serious about making a run for the Superbowl this season? If so, do they have the tools and the will to make it happen?

1:09 Are they serious? 100 percent, yes. You don't make the type of moves the front office made in the past few months (with so many potential long-term contract headaches down the road) if you're not serious about winning now. I think they have the pieces on paper. But as you know, football isn't a two-dimensional game. Sometimes, the best teams on paper flop for any number of reasons. As long as a couple key players (see: Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene) stay healthy, I think this team has a deep playoff run in them.

1:09 [Comment From Guest: ]

Hey Manish, your doing a great job! Who looks like a more capable #2 at QB this year?

1:09 [Comment From IRA: ]

Manish, The roster spots are going to be very limited because of them probably keeping 2 FB's and 4 RB's. I think Smith is going to be the 3rd or 2nd QB on game day. I can't see them keeping Ainge or O'Connell. How do you see it?

1:11 Given the choice of who is currently on the roster, I'd take my chances with Clemens as the No. 2. I know he's become a whipping boy for many Jets fans -- and let's face it, his production warrants legitimate criticism -- but the players truly believe that he can keep the train moving if Sanchez was hurt for an extended amount of time.

Ira -- By the time Week 1 rolls around, I think your QBs will be: Sanchez, Brunell, Brad Smith and Ainge. ... I think Smith offers some unique things, but he's not a true QB at this level. He can be extremely effective in certain packages, as you know, but his pure QB skills are still lacking.

1:12 [Comment From Grasshopper: ]

If a fully healthy Chad Pennington is released by Miami, how do you feel about him being a more viable choice as a backup quarterback rather than Mark Brunell, Kellen Clemens or Erik Ainge?

1:14 If Pennington is cut, he'd be the best option. I know there were some rumors floating around that Miami may part ways with him, but my understanding is that he's not going anywhere at this point.

1:14 [Comment From Scott C: ]

Who will be the Key players the Jets will look to resign after this year. There are some big names whose contract ends this year and I'm sure they won't be able to resign them all.

1:17 Outside of the core guys like Mangold, Harris and Brick, I think they're going to have Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie high on their list. Keep in mind that Holmes could be franchised depending on the new CBA, so they could keep him without making a long-term commitment. Of course, all of this is contingent on how the new players perform this year. if Cromartie returns to his former Pro Bowl form, he's going to be an extremely rich man after the season.

1:18 [Comment From 8-8 Jets: ]

Is there something to the notion that the Jets, historically, can't handle success? Whenever they have expectations placed on them, they seem to falter the season after a successful year. Do you think there is anything to that?

1:19 Honestly, I don't. Different players. Different coach. The players are aware of the team's history, but there's no way that impacts how they perform on Sundays.

1:20 [Comment From Joe: ]

Hi Manish, do think Gholston will have any real playing time this year or will he just be a backup

1:21 [Comment From BBJetsBBJets: ]

Manish, we have virtually nothing on how Vernon Gholston has done in OTA's with his new position. As the Jets DL is the weak spot on the team, what is you take on the VG move and do you think it will be successful.

1:23 [Comment From GuestGuest: ]

how is Gholston doing with the transition to DE??

1:23 Gholston will be a part of the team's sub packages, Joe. He'll be on the field as a DE until he proves that he doesn't deserve to be. The Jets need as many guys on the d-line as possible.

1:24 BBJets -- it's difficult to assess d-linemen during OTAs when there's no tackling allowed. I can tell you, however, that the coaches are hopeful that he can be successful at DE. But let's be honest: This is his final opportunity with this team. They restructured his deal for a reason: If he fails to produce in 2010, it'll be financially easier to cut him loose after the season.

1:27 [Comment From Kupajo: ]

What are the chances that the Jets Sign, Nick, D' Brick and Revis, by the end of training camp?

1:27 That's not going to happen. No way those three players are going to be signed by the start of the season.

1:28 Let me clarify: No way ALL three of them will be signed before the season starts.

1:29 [Comment From Dick Myers: ]

Who do you feel will take his team to the superbowl first, Mark Sanchez or Chad Henne?

1:30 I can tell you who I think the better quarterback will be when it's all said and done: Mark Sanchez.

1:31 [Comment From Beam Me Up, Scotty: ]

Which position do you feel the Jets have a more dire need, left guard or defensive end?

1:33 The more important position for this team this season is left guard. Defensive end will need to be addressed moving forward, but for 2010, the o-line needs to be airtight again.

1:36 [Comment From Scott P: ]

Manish, do you think that the expectations are too high this upcoming season with all the question marks on the team? The biggest, is that Sanchez hasn’t been asked to do much more than just hand the ball off so far and I understand that was the game plan last season, but this season he will have to do a lot more.If he is not ready, things can become very reckless with all the expectations.He is still in the very early stages of learning. The Jet fans believe he will be throwing much more, but I believe that it will be a slow progression and we will still be overwhelmingly a ground and pound team.The team last season, was for all practical purposes, just a .500 team who were exposed by the big boys and we now have a thrown together team with questions on the oline and a SG durability issue, which is the bread and butter of our offense. What is your take?

1:40 For better or worse, the team brought on these expectations themselves with their bravado. As you know, it all starts from Rex. As far as the offensive philosophy goes, I think you'll see more of a 50-50 run-pass split BY THE END OF THE SEASON. Early on -- as Sanchez works his way back from knee surgery -- they're going to lean on that running back. As the season progresses, you'll see a gradual balancing out of the run-pass. Keep in mind that Santonio Holmes won't be around for the first four games either, so expect to see a heavy dose of ground and pound. In the end, it'll come down to the quarterback. If Sanchez builds off his playoff performances, this team will be in great shape. He saved his smartest football for the postseason. Also credit Schottenheimer for his ability to make some brilliant play calls that put Sanchez is positions to succeed. If Sanchez cuts his INTS down to about 12-14 and increases his TDs to about 17-20, this team could win 12-13 games (assuming the defense plays at an elite game).

1:42 [Comment From John: ]

Has it been confirmed that Braylon won't be suspended for the nightclub incident? Keep up the usual great work.

1:44 John, there's been no official word from the league on discipline for Edwards.

1:44 [Comment From ARodKeysJetsFan: ]

What is the latest word on getting Ducasse & Wilson signed so we can concentrate on getting Mangold, Harris & Revis locked up??

1:45 No need to worry about Ducasse and Wilson. Both will be signed in the next few weeks. Neither will be a problem (i.e. -- no holdouts from either guy).

1:46 [Comment From jamesbond007: ]

How is Coach Ryan viewed in the locker room? Do players still love him? Have the players questioned some of the moves? Jones, Washington & Faneca?

1:48 I can honestly say that I haven't had one player say even something remotely negative about Ryan this offseason. His ability to blend different personalities and get the best out of players is admirable. They love the tough talk. But they also respect the guy's work ethic and football IQ. rex may come across as this happy-go-lucky kind of person, but he's one intelligent man.

1:49 [Comment From Gaspo: ]

Is Kris Jenkins looking like he'll return to pro-bowl form this year?

1:52 Gaspo, it's way too early to predict that. He's easing his way back. I'll have a better idea when training camp begins and he starts moving two or three guys at a time. But he feels rejuvenated and eager to be a part of the defense this season after missing out last year. The key thing for him is to keep his weight down.

1:53 [Comment From Mack: ]

If Shonn Greene can't stay healthy, will the Jets open up their offense and make it (gasp) pass-first with Edwards, Cotchery, Keller, and Holmes probably back from suspension? Even McKnight and LT can catch the ball.

1:53 [Comment From BBJets: ]

Manish - There have been concerns regarding Shonn Greene's durability. What is you take on the G

1:56 In many ways, Mack, that would be a doomsday scenario. This team needs Shonn Greene to stay healthy. If he goes down, I think you'll likely see a 60-40 pass-run ratio, which could spell trouble. We saw early last year that airing it wasn't the best way for this team to play football. Sanchez was prone to mistakes when asked to throw it a lot.

1:56 [Comment From Gus: ]

Usually I am against players holding out and not living up to their contracts. But I have to say the way Woody and the org has treated fans with PSL's, the terrible draft party compared to the Giants, the parking limitations etc, I am all for these players getting theirs. Are you getting the same feeling when you were at the public practices?

1:58 Gus, the truth is that everyone suffers when star players hold out. The player (who isn't getting paid), the team (who's without a valuable asset on the field) and the fans (whose team suffers on the field as a result). My sense from the public practices is that there's a faction of fans that aren't thrilled with the PSL/parking issues and there's a faction that just wants to know that when Week 1 rolls around, all of their core players will be on the field. Fans want the bottom line: Field the best product so we can have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. ... But I don't have the sense that fans want players to hold out.

1:59 [Comment From R in CT: ]

Manish -- thanks for the great coverage and taking the time to chat. From your time watching the team at OTAs, who is a player that might have a big impact that no one has really talked about yet?

2:01 Great question. I think Dwight Lowery might surprise some folks this season. He's going to be playing a little corner and a little safety. I know it's easy to write him off with the additions of Cromartie and Wilson, but I think Lowery will make a valuable contribution this season. He was extremely impressive during OTAs and minicamp. As far as guys you have heard of, something tells me Cromartie and Holmes are going to play huge roles in this team's sucess this season.

2:02 [Comment From SK: ]

I am excited about the LT signing. I am expecting an LT reborn. .He has a chip on his shoulder. Can't wait to see him in green! ...... Dump Clemens. Keep Brunell and Ainge.

2:02 [Comment From IRA: ]

Manish, I think LT is going to have a bigger role and better year then most of the experts do. I think he is good for 150 carries and about 30 -35 catches and 4-6 TD's. I think Schotty knows what he has left and can do. Your take?

2:04 Ira -- Tomlinson can be effective if he's used properly. His days of being an elite back are obviously over, but I think the Jets would be thrilled if they could squeeze 150 carries and 35 catches out of him. I'd take those numbers down a notch, but he can certainly play a key role if used in the right way as a complement to Shonn Greene. I'd have more confidence in him as a pass catcher than runner at this stage of his career.

Thursday July 1, 2010 2:04

2:05 Thanks for all the questions. As always, keep the chatter alive on the Jets Stream blog this month. We'll have another chat soon enough... I promise

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