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Uh, What if King James picks the us? The New York Jets?


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u dnt represent the great city of brooklyn or the jets wotake a sip of hennesey n call it a goddam day!

n use durex extra sensitive cause god dammit i can tell u use the thickest of thickest!

Kobe is that you? :rl:
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why because u hve no godamm sense of godamm humor? i should of expected this from a gay mexican superhero wannabe

No. Yellin is right.

The gays, Mexicans and gay Mexicans all agree... none of your threads are funny.

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Yes, I'm a big fan of piling on with the crowd. This thread SUX.

u kno wat sux? god dammers lik u who cnt take a reasonable account of things? everything must go your way and your way only.

oo gholstons gonna suk ooo revis is such a great and king ooo jenkins is beastmode

put a mandingo pipe in it god dammit.

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