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The Gun Of Bavaria

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Hilarious. While I'm very familiar with the British military rank structre, I'm still not sure how a colour sergeant can order the 3rd in line to the throne to drop his drawers. :lol: hell I give him credit though, here in the states the cadet would have said "Do you know who my father is".

Wed Oct 26, 7:07 PM ET

LONDON (AFP) - Britain's Prince Harry was forced to drop his trousers during a military parade to prove he did not have his girlfriend's name tattooed on his royal rear, a British newspaper said.

The 21-year-old son of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is halfway through his British Army officer training course at the elite Sandhurst academy.

The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling daily, said Harry, third in line to the throne, was ordered to bare his bum after rumours spread he had blonde Zimbawean-born girlfriend Chelsy Davy's name inked on.

During a parade, a colour sergeant yelled: "Cadet Wales, drop your pants and show me your backside!"

Harry, apparently oblivious to the rumour, replied: "Are you serious?" before being ordered: "Just get them off, I want to see if it's true", The Sun said.

The prince had his trousers around his knees before the grinning colour sergeant said: "It's OK, Wales, I'll take your word for it!"

An unnamed member of Harry's platoon told The Sun: "It was the funniest thing any of us have seen for ages. Everyone had heard the rumour but no one wanted to ask Harry if it was true.

"Then one of the colour sergeants decided to play a trick on Harry in front of the whole platoon.

"You should have seen Harry's face. We all fell about laughing. Harry blushed, then he also laughed."

The Sun said the manner in which Harry took the joke on the chin proved the young prince was "made of the Right Stuff." :lol:

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I have now read the newspaper and seen what this is about. I was right about the picture though, it is a photoshop job by the newspaper to show "what it may have looked like".

As for the rank issue, I believe Harry went into the Army demanding to be treated the same as anyone else.

It will be even more amusing if Prince William decides to follow his brother into the Army. He is the future King and Commander-in-Chief of the entire British armed forces, but until the day he succeeds to the throne he will have to take orders from his little brother.

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