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Hypothetical Trade for both NY teams.

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Anyway, he's a damn good player and he doesn't look finished to me. The Red Sox have a huge hole in the OF that could use a high end veteran to fill the gap until one of the high upside guys in the low minors is ready in a couple years. They have the money to do it, they often do business with the Mets, they drafted his nephew in the first round, and he's a great buy low option for a contender with money to spend because it really is commonplace to hear he's finished.

Crawford looks nice, but his athleticism is wasted in LF at Fenway. Werth is nice, but Beltran would cost less financially, he's a better player at a premium position, AND it's only a one year deal.

That's not a credible package. That is far too much going too Arizona. Justin Upton isn't Josh Hamilton. .797 OPS... that isn't exactly stellar from a corner outfielder. I know his potential, but we need to see it fulfilled before anyone gives up their farm for him.

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