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Jarron Gilbert


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Did we sign Jarron to the practice squad? Ive heard conflicting reports.

I heard we did, however it is not listed as a transaction on the Jets official website. Until it's listed on the official website, I would tend to doubt it. The reports saying that Gilbert was signed were all from Twitter, so, take it for what it's worth. Here are the listed transactions from yesterday:

09/06/2010 Jets Sign S Donovan Warren to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign DT Martin Tevaseu to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign WR Larry Taylor to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign LB Joshua Mauga to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign LB Ricky Foley to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign C Robby Felix to Practice Squad

09/06/2010 Jets Sign FB Tony Richardson

09/06/2010 Jets Waive DB Brian Jackson

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His agent says he's going to the Jets. FWIW the Jets "official site" transactions can lag for days. The Jets were the only team to put a waiver claim in on him and he and his agent like Ryan and the system. The Jets withdrew their claim when they got Dixon from the Cowboys. It's possible he'll go elsewhere, but if he's going on a practice squad it will probably be the Jets.

Here is a report out of Chicago where he was drafted:

Jarron Gilbert picks Jets practice squad

By Sean Jensenon September 6, 2010 2:07 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0)

Jarron Gilbert, a 2009 third-round pick of the Bears, has decided to join the New York Jets practice squad, agent Frank Bauer said.

Gilbert had several other options, although the Bears were not among them.

"I thought he'd go to the West Coast," Bauer said of Gilbert, who went to high school in California and attended San Jose State.

But, Gilbert was drawn to the Jets' 3-4 scheme, as well as coach Rex Ryan, who has endeared himself to a lot of people with his colorful comments and decisions on HBO's Hard Knocks series.

"He's got a charisma about him, and he worked [Gilbert] out before the [2009] draft," Bauer said. "I also look at the system."

The Jets were the only team to put in a claim for Gilbert on Sunday. But, they had a higher priority on former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Dixon.

Bauer said Ryan pushed hard Sunday night to get Gilbert to join the Jets.


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