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Albums that are surprisingly good-


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I kid you not the Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johannsson album is actually pretty good. You have to like that type of Americana-Wilco type music but if you do you'll probably like it.

It really isn't bad. Anything Scarlett Johansson might be involved in has potential anyway...Yorn is alright too...strikes me as a guy who likes to toke.

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What does surprisingly good mean?

You'd never heard of the artist before?

If so, here's one I recently found. Lyle Workman, bay area guitarist, session man.

Works in several industries, TV , movies, blah, blah....all music related.

This ones called Harmonic Crusader, 2009 release.

The first 5 songs are amazing, still digesting the rest of the record.

Like guitar oriented music that's got real substance?

Do yourself a favour, check it out. PM me if you want to know where.


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Ugh...Johansson wasn't awful because Sitek produced the cock out of it. There was an album that came out earlier this year from a band called These New Puritans. It was their sophomore LP, and their first one was some basic post-punk stuff. Their follow-up had crazy synth and drum work, even some cool horns and oboes...etc. Definitely didn't expect something like that out of them and it really set the stage for them being one of the more creative bands out there over the coming years.

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