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A little update on my surgery. Things went well yesterday, though the surgery took a little longer than expected. The doctor expects me to have a full recovery...as if that were ever a question! I will return to NY this weekend where I will begin what little rehab I will be able to do. Of course I will continue to help with the team in any way that I can. We are struggling right now, and it seems the injuries just keep mounting up on us. Thank you for all of you who have prayed for me and my family, the prayers are appreciated. May God bless all of you.



I am sitting here preparing myself for the first in season surgery of my entire athletic career. It's a very foreign thing for me, not having ever missed a game due to injury in my life. I have no complaints, though I am bummed out. I have been blessed to have had 12 injury free years. God has blessed me indeed. I will update further once I get back to NY, thans to all those who have offered up prayers and get wells. God Bless Kevin

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