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Am I the crazy guy?


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fwiw, i've thought you were mad since the pizza delivery guy with no change days...

you may actually be more sane now..

Ah. So really I've always been a little f*cked up and I'm just in a different stage...the crappy one...That's cool I'll ride it out. Possibly get a new job. I work *retail* now. My old bosses were honest men who were on top of their sh*t. Not so much here...

Also, I was a great delivery guy. Best delivery guy in the Linden/Roselle/Rahway area...by far...like they built a Hall of f'ckin fame for delivery drivers in that area just so the world would know...there is actually a statue of a '95 Honda Accord driven by me in mid-swerve doing my signature "take a key bump, almost hit something, but don't" move...I got tipped extra just because my mere presence changed perceptions of everything...older women with hot accents dug me...younger chicks probably did too but older women with hot accents dug me...If you Google: Best Driver Ever...My name doesn't show up but one day it possibly might...I navigated the roads with the skill and efficiency of a predator on a hunt...a hunt to deliver top of the line take out....Rumors went around that I must be some kind of Super-man...Hell, the theory even made headlines when I saved that toddler from starvation...Never did hear of that Rosewood lady again...*shady*

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