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Rex and Schotty Post-Game Fight?


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I agree. I'm just stating why they didn't go over the middle like teams normally would. BTW, I'm having trouble posting so I probably have about 6 "oh bullsh*t" responses to your Brees comments posted. Be forewarned.

Don't you f'ing dare piss on my anti-Schottenheimer post. What are you going to say, that AJ drafted Eli/Rivers even though BS/MS liked Brees? AJ was the Schottenheimers' bitch - lol

Brees did almost exclusively rack up his numbers against awful pass defenses in his best year with SD. Honestly the best pass D he put up ok numbers against was ours (minus J.Abraham) in the playoffs. But then the first time he played us Marty flat-out yanked him from the game for being so awful. He was nearly as bad the following week before facing a string of defenses that ranged from below average to awful.

Who was the star of the show his first year in NO? A late 7th round rookie TE from Hofstra they converted to WR. What would he do with this Jets team, even without Santonio Holmes, in the absence of BS's BS offense? You think he'd be whining, "If only we had Deverey Henderson and Lance Moore!!"?

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