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10 Biggest Winner - 10 Biggest Losers in New Meadowlands Stadium Seat Selection Process


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Maybe later this week I want to do a final recap and last post on this whole seat selection process. Now that it is done. Looking for some suggestions for my list of ten best picks and ten worse picks people ended up with. Tell me them so I can do a list.

For example a friend was a winner when they did zero down, free parking no PSL payment till 2011 bought a low row LLEZ seat for 5k on aisle by where Jets came out then the next week they lowered it to $2,500.

Opposite the long term season ticket holders in the 15k, 5k and 4k seats that were not reduced got screwed. Put 20% down almost two years ago and made a psl payment or two for right to pay double the guy across aisle who also got free parking.

Upper Deck row one UD Prime a winner, High Row UD EZ a loser when Jets started selling individual games on sideline in row 6 at face.

I want to do ten worse picks and ten best picks later this week so give me some stuff.

I went to first three games so I am into football now!!!! Just wanted to recap the whole insane seat process.

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