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Jake Locker v. Nebraska


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He's looked skeptical the first 3 weeks, a bit more like the work in progress he looked like last season than the improved player we were promised. He needs to settle down and rely on basic fundamentals more. It's getting hard to ignore his lack of ability to step his game up against better opponents. It's way too early to bail on him as a prospect though, he's still an incredible talent athletically. He's the type of kid that draft sites fall in love with, but also keep in mind that the Advisory Committee did not give him a first round grade last year.

I think it's getting harder and harder to rank Mallet 3rd at this point, especially with Luck being inconsistent too. Kid's stepped his game up and Petrino's definitely improved on a lot of the technical problems he was having. If he keeps it up against 'Bama I think he shoots to the top of draft boards a week from today.

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