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which one is it gonna be tomorrow night


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i am talking about pats fans mouths

as we all know,the typical,know it all,arrogant pats fan is a 9 year follower of the team and couldnt name a pats starting qb not named brady,cassell,or bledsoe(although,they probably never saw bledsoe play in a pats uniform)

so which one is it going to be

a.the jest suck.we beat the loud mouths in their own home.fatty rex needs to keep his big fat mouth shut.havnt won sh*t,etc,etc

b.the jest suck.congradulations on winning another september super bowl.we will see game 2.jest still gonna go 8-8.yadda,yadda,yadda

hopefully,the jets get their sh*t together and we hear option b.either way,we will hear it

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