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Is Jason Taylor a Jet now?


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He is a patriot killer!

no doubt. He puts it on Tom Brady, regardless of the team.

And, man

I haven't been to the board in a while, but I can't believe what I'm hearing(reading). Most people either don't accept Jason Taylor as a jet or they are luke warm about it. Is it because of his remarks toward us in the past or his personal life? Personally, I thought we always left personal s--t out of it. We always LOVE guys who come from rival teams. Do you remember what a ball breaker Bryan Cox was? They used to throw batteries at his head in Buffalo. lol, but when he was a jet he did his thing out there, and he talked smack for us, and we(or at least I)loved him. We(or at least I) cheered for Parmalee, Keith Byars, Jay Feely, Ty Law (for a moment, at least)...I know there are a bunch more

Or are you mad because the a-hole can't make it to a game on time? lol

Screw it, man, he used to do it to us, he put sh*t on the bills and, as you see, the patriots. He has a deep rooted hatred for Tom Brady and them and he hates Buffalo. You can't buy that? You could take all of these #1 draft picks and big name free agents, but you can't make him have that burning desire to beat a team no matter what, to save his own honor. JT has a blood thirst for these afc east teams. Not only am I ecstatic that he's a jet, I'm elated that he's not a Dolphin!!

Jets=Super Bowl haha I love winning

Johnny Damon, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens.....etc

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The man played his heart out. He got hurt and ended up coming back for a strip sack. Rex said he hurt his shoulder again after the sack. He did put a helluva move on Matt Light, though. Nothing will be better than Taylor sacking Henne in Miami next week.

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