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Story of the game


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I thought I'd offer a jets article a week to blogcritics (You guys are far too sophisticated to read my crap, this is for the common fan. lol Seriously,help me out:

What's the story today?

1. Sanchez, the second year QB, who threw a stink bomb last week (that was first week's story u see) and who people were doubting could even throw the ball. Seriously, we thought we had a dud on our hands, and he put it on their a$$ tonite!

2. Is it L.T. the HOF'er who was written off by his team after breaking records and lighting up fantasy leagues for years. You know, the old "comeback" story. You could tell this means something to him, huh? (Wasn't LT like a quiet type of player, hand the ball to the ref guy. lol)

3.Is it the primma donna, the holdout, who thought he didn't need any training camp and talked smack before the game and then gets beat for a TD(which was tough, but..)and, more so, has to leave the game because of a hamstring...the infamous holdout injury due to lack of conditioning.

4. Or, the secondary that was told all pre-season they were dead without Revis (in so many words) and they come out and pitch a shutout in the second half.

5.How about Schotty, taking all kinds of flak forever about his play-calling dials up a beauty today.

6.Maybe Gholston, the third year "bust" moved to a new position and making some noise.

7.Is it first round pick, Kyle Wilson, who had a lot to prove and had every reason to fold after a really bad showing last week.

8.How about Keller, the hyped up TE finally showing something---Shonn Green bouncing back with a big game---the D-line finding a way to get it done without their big man-- Jason Taylor, the Jet's longtime nemesis, settling in to his new team---or maybe I should just talk about how the Jets are getting Calvin Pace back soon and Santonio Holmes and we're going to the superball...and where was the terminator??

Yeah, I'm stretching a little...Great game, fellas...It was just one of those great games we play every once in a while!! against the Pats, too...beautiful..

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