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I thought Sanchez was supposed to sulk and collapse...

Irish Jet

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This is something I've heard thrown around about Sanchez from midway through last season. That he gets rattled when things dont go his way and basically falls apart.

This is BULLsh*t! Yesterday his first pass was incredibly off, was almost picked. He watched his defense get trampled on for all but 3 plays of the first quarter and found himself 7 points (should have been 10) behind and staring 0-2 in the face.

How did he respond? Drove the team down the field and matched the Pats.

Pats get another TD. Sanchez drives down again and gets a FG on the board before the half.

This game was pretty close to getting out of hand in the first quarter, and it was SANCHEZ who weathered the storm for us. It was undoubtebly the best game of his career. So glad he can crush that myth that surrounds him, he's a mentally tough kid. The Texans, Pats, Dolphins x2, Cincy, San Diego games showed me as much last season. Did I mention he's 2-1 against Tom Brady?

He will be a good one. Watch.

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