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Looking for tickets to Vikings game...

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100's or 200's Prefer 100's

Selling our two tickets in 111A and going with friends... willing to get creative if you are interested in the 111A seats...

The 111A's are those $3000 per seat section right? lol

I also need 4 tickets together. Same as Ecurb, but 300's ok if nothing else available.

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$15k PSL


IT hurts to type that, lol.

LOL. You have 2? My regular seats are in 134 and they are $7,500 per PSL, so I'm in the 30K debt club too. It hurt, but I'm staying positive and treating it as an investment.

I have a few friends who want to go to this game. Do you need to swap yours for others, or are you looking to sell yours and then get 4 together?

If you are selling, I am interested. Also willing to swap out for the one game I don't have accounted for. I have two left for the Bengals game.

If you want to move to email, add an @aol.com to my name and shoot me something.

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