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The Dolphins and their fans are jealous of the Jets


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With all of the vitriol going back between us and dolphins fans, one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me The Dolphins and their fans are becoming increasingly jealous of the New York Jets. After 2008 the Dolphins had pulled their organization out of the trash heap of the NFL and they looked to have the media spot light restored on them once again getting attention they had so longed for for the past decade. Then along come Rex's Jets who for all intents and purposes stole the spotlight from Miami and made a big splash in the playoffs; something the dolphins could not do in 2008 courtesy of Rex Ryan's ravens defense.

The dolphins went from a great story in 2008 to a non story in 2009.

The Jets went from a surprise story in 2009, to THE story in 2010, getting more coverage than the defending super bowl champs. And the dolphins fans HATE it.

Jets Patriots is now one of the NFL's best rivalries, not Patriots dolphins. Last week Jets Patriots broke CBS broadcasting records being the most watched first nationally televised game for the network since 1998. After 2008 I am sure dolphins fans thought it would be their team that got the distinction of being the ones who would battle it out in a marquee rivalry with the team of the decade in the 2000s but to their dismay the Jets get that distinction, and rest assured there is no team the patriots hate more than the Jets. The only national interest rivalry the dolphins are a part of is with the Jets. And I think the miami dolphin fanbase hates this, that in regards to the media they take a back seat to New York and New England.

Dolphins fans hate that as soon as they seemed to have a rebirth with the arrival of the Sparano/Parcells era, that the Rex Ryan Jets arrived soon after and overlapped them in terms of popularity.

Now I am sure we are going to get one of the dolphins trolls come over and trumpet their insurmountable! their unbelievable! 3 game win streak over us, ignoring the fact that we own the all time series against them and own them 13 wins to 7 losses in the past decade including a 5 game win streak prior to their 3 game streak which they conveniently don't mention. But they know its true, they know how angry they are that the Jets get more attention than they do. Go look on their forums, some of their sections have entire pages of threads with the Jets as the subject, they are obsessed with us on a serial killer level and its pathetic.

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4 division titles 13 playoff apperances and a 340-408 record. And more recently, 1-1 with the Dolphins 2-0.

Oh yeah, I'm jealous.

I don't think any of us are saying that you guys are jealous of the history or of last season in head to head match ups..just of the modern day big picture. Jets have a ton of talent and showed it on the field last year winning two playoff games on the road, and the fins haven't won a playoff game in a decade. I'd be jealous too.

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You want to know what's really funny? Every time this week I brought up in conversation the fact that the Dolphins were calling for an "orange out" in Miami tonight everyone I spoke to, regardless of team loyalty, had the same reaction:

"That's not possible if they are playing the Jets! There will be too much green in that stadium!"

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