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Is sport good for health?


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Is sport good for health?

Generally many people will agree that the practice of sport(Quebec Nordiques

is a good thing for health. But is really the case ? A moderate practice of sport(San Diego Chargers

is certainly a very good thing , but an intensive or a professional practice is a entire different matter. For example(Calgary Flames #12 Jarome Lginla Red 30th Anniversar)if we consider the life esperancy, we can see for example (but they are others)

that professional americans players(2010 Olympic Team Canada #35 Sidney Crosby Red Newest)have a life experancy of 56 years wich is not great indeed. The case of the Sumo in Japon is worse, it's rare that a sumo live more than 50 years (but they have a semi-god status and all the women they want

Montreal Canadiens #31 Carey Price Blue ) ... Hey beautifull loser dont you want to be a sumo :D ). Concerning Soccer (european football) many of them have their knees destroyed after years of practice. The doping also, is a very bad factor, which can explain (Pittsburgh Penguins #87 Sidney Crosby Black ) but not totally this diminution of life esperancy. The debate is open : let's enter the AI' s champions in the arena !

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