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Herman Edwards: Next Cowboys HC?

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Herman Edwards the Next Dallas Cowboys Coach?

September 25th, 2010 9:34 pm CTDo you like this story?

In an interview with WEPN-AM in New York City, former Philadelphia Eagles player and NFL head coach, Herm Edwards expressed interest in replacing Wade Phillips as the next Cowboys head coach.

"You know what that one team that's kind of interesting right now, and I shouldn't be saying this because I am out of the NFC East and you learn to hate these guys, I shouldn't say hate, dislike them, are the Cowboys," Edwards told the station.

Edwards, who coached the New York Jets before being replaced by Eric Mangini, has been out of the league since the Kansas City Chiefs fired him after several losing season. According to the current ESPN analyst, the Cowboys are attractive because of their supposedly talented roster.

"They are very interesting to me because they're like the Ryder Cup team," he said. "They got all these good players right now, they can't figure out how to win together. They can't figure that out yet and I don't know why. I sit there and watch them and I go, 'This is amazing to me.' "

Edwards went on to say that he believes the team has all of the pieces necessary to compete for a Super Bowl, but lacks the leadership, necessary to ascend to that level.

"You got a good defense, got an active quarterback, some good receivers, you got three backs, not one but three of them," he said. "And you sit there and watch them play and you go, 'What are you guys doing?' "

Knowing Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones's penchant for hiring retread coaches who posted losing records in former jobs, it would come as no surprise to see the former Eagle calling the shots for Dallas in 2011. Cowboys haters can only pray Edwards gets his wish

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eh he's one of the winningest coaches ever...but only has 1 ring (A la John Madden)

A good coach could have won four rings with that Bucs team. I lived 30 minutes south of Tampa in those days so I watched A LOT of Bucs football. He tried to beat everybody 6-3.

I knew he'd win one in Indy because they basically said "Welcome to Indy, those two guys over there are Tom Moore and Peyton Mannning..you're not allowed to speak to them. Good luck"

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That Dallas HC thing would/could/should be between either Jason Garrett, Josh McDaniels, Gary Kubiak, Brian Schottenheimer, Nick f'n Saban (he could have any job, including the Jets, right now if he wanted it), Cam Cameron, they'd probably kill for Whisenhunt, Mornhinweg, Andy Reid, Kyle Shanahan...if they go with a defensive coach it's got to be someone crazy good like Saban.

I think they Jerry Jones goes "crazy" and gambles on one of the young offensive coaches in the league...or balls out and goes with Reid. I threw Mornhinweg out for fun...he's actually interesting if he wanted to find a fit...it'd have to be the perfect fit.

This is all guesses based on nothing substantial. I really hope they go balls out and get Reid or McDaniels.

Herm Edwards will not be a HC for another 10 years, if ever.

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