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3.5mil cap hit if taylor was traded....PFT.com

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Jason Cole of the Miami Herald reports that, if the Miami Dolphins were to trade defensive end Jason Taylor, the move would cost the team $3.5 million against the salary cap.

We assume that Cole is referring to the net hit -- that is, total bonus acceleration minus 2005 salary. In this regard, the team also should consider the net effect of such a move on the 2006 cap, since there would be zero bonus acceleration and a full savings of his 2006 salary.

With all that said, we don't view the net cap hit to be an insurmountable problem for the Dolphins in 2005. A restructuring here and/or a post-June 1 release there could enable the team to recoup the $3.5 million fairly quickly. A trade of cornerback Patrick Surtain, for example, results in no additional bonus acceleration (since it's the final year of his deal) and a full savings of his 2005 salary.

Moreover, if coach Nick Saban's ultimate plan resulting from the acquisition of Vonnie Holliday and Kevin Carter is to transition the defense to a 3-4 front, the question of whether the Fins can swallow the cap hit is irrelevant, since it's clear (as of right now) that Taylor will balk at moving to outside linebacker -- and we believe (as of right now) that Taylor would ask for a trade in lieu of becoming a linebacker.

And if a trade is explored, we've identified (with the help of a reader) another potential trade partner -- the Packers.

A trade of Taylor for running back Ahman Green would make sense, since Taylor would be reunited with former Miami defensive coordinator and interim head coach Jim Bates -- and since the Packers would be able to shed Green as he enters the final year of his contract, making Najeh "Dookie" Davenport the "go-to" hammer (as opposed to "went-in" hamper).

Finally, thanks to Jason Cole for mentioning in his story regarding Taylor our Tuesday afternoon post regarding Taylor's possibly forthcoming request for a trade.

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