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I'm more confident in the offense than the defense...


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The offense should move the ball against that D.

OTOH, Buffalo was alright on offense last week, and the Jets always suck against a random at QB. Their small WRs match up well with the secondary since Wilson isn't taking to the NFL so quickly.

Also, the DL isn't airtight, and their running backs can do some damage. The league hasn't really seen CJ Spiller go CJ Spiller on someone yet, so they've got that in the back pocket.

Also, their special teams is always dangerous, especially their punting units.

Keys to the game:

- Limit any possible STs damage.

- Score early. Schottenheimer's first two drives will be key. Sanchez has to come out strong.

- Hope Coleman is strong enough in man to man against these guys to open up some blitz packages.

- Man up on run D.

- Brodney Pool

- Test their secondary. The Jets should be able to run the ball. Use that. In the 21st century, if you choose to live and die on the run then you usually die. It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight, even against a crappy team. They have talent in the secondary of course...so it really comes down to...

- Mark Sanchez - His job is to lead the offense to an early score or two (a FG is fine too). If he can do that then this game will go alot easier for everyone involved in the Jets' effort for victory.

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the defense will really be tested by the bills backfield, and you have to wonder if buffalo will have the balls to look at this defense and say, jeez, running agains them is tough sledding, lets air it out.

I think pryce will really help, and the secondary has really been feelin the heat, I think the communication has to be better

I think the defense will be a little better, but the offense will be a little worse

I called it in the score thread, OT baby !

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I agree with the thread title, but I'm not worried about the defense in this game. Jets held NE scoreless in the second half of a game with the same lineup we're bringing into Buffalo. Ryan Fitzpatrick did a lot of damage against NE last week, but he also threw two picks to a much worse defense than the Jets'. NY should be able to contain this juggernaut.

And offensively, the Jets have to be coming in with a lot of confidence against a Bills team that's given up over 70 the last two weeks. They're giving up a lot of yards on the ground, and a lot of points. And not to jinx anything, but they have yet to record a pick (spit, knock on wood), either.

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