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go dolphins!

we play them at home in december

we go to NE on monday night

better chance we beat miami, plus they have the tougher schedule down the road.

get NE another loss tonight.. will help us more in the long run.

How friggin great is this....

Fish vs Pats get to beat each other to death tonight while we watch from high atop the AFC East.

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The Dolphags need to get put in their place 2 straight weeks in a row on National TV.

They are wayyy to confident between Henne saying Tebow should be in the NFL, B Marsh saying Sharpe wasnt elite, Dansby saying he's the best, Crowder and his nonsense...they need to get embarrassed again.

I ******* hate the ******* Dolphags.

Plus Dan Marino is tossing the coin...**** that guy.

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Hits on Brady = Good

I never like to see injuries. But I wont complain if these two kill the **** out of each other.

That said, I'd rather the Dolphins chasing us than the Pats. We still have to go to Foxboro, we have beaten Miami on the road without 3 studs.

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