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For what it's worth, PFW has Jets #1 in Power Rankings


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Week Five power rankings

1. New York Jets: Offensive line starting to assert itself more.

2. Green Bay Packers: Not like Rodgers to question offensive direction after a win.

3. Baltimore Ravens: So, who is doubting Joe Flacco now?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: They have the bye week to get Roethlisberger up to speed.

5. New Orleans Saints: Defense has been the savior this season.

6. Atlanta Falcons: Roddy White makes an MVP kind of play.

7. Houston Texans: Braylon sat 15 minutes for DUI. Foster sat 23 for team-meeting issues.

8. New England Patriots: They have bye week to plot revenge vs. Ravens.

9. Indianapolis Colts: That's twice now they've lost despite big game from Manning.

10. Kansas City Chiefs: Two weeks might not be enough to game-plan for Peyton.

11. San Diego Chargers: Is that you, ­Tolbert? Bowling ball running very well.

12. Miami Dolphins: Monday-night rout by Patriots has 'Fins fans scratching their heads.

13. Chicago Bears: Getting out-of-work QBs on the phone just in case.

14. Dallas Cowboys: Don't buy into the Roy Williams revival.

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Kolb has the chance to rewrite his story.

16. New York Giants: Concern is that ­Mathias Kiwanuka could miss a long stretch.

17. Tennessee Titans: That Mariani kid looked good ... until he botched the kickoff.

18. Minnesota Vikings: Some Jets ­wouldn't mind getting a shot or two on Favre.

19. Cincinnati Bengals: Secondary got beat up in loss.

20. Denver Broncos: Orton on pace to break Marino's vaunted 5,084 yards. Really.

21. Washington Redskins: Ryan Torain might be key to revitalized run game.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Raheem Morris sticking with Cody Grimm for now.

23. St. Louis Rams: Have chance to win three in a row for first time since 2006.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars: Garrard, Del Rio at their best when backed into a corner.

25. Seattle Seahawks: The good news: They still have six more home games.

26. Arizona Cardinals: Derek Anderson didn't exactly win the job in the first place.

27. Cleveland Browns: O-line is run- and pass-blocking pretty well.

28. Oakland Raiders: So, what happened to that top-five defense, Tom Cable?

29. Detroit Lions: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

30. San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays made a tremendous play on blocked-punt TD.

31. Carolina Panthers: Two negative plays on final drive really cost them the game.

32. Buffalo Bills: Can't say three missing defensive starters were reason they lost to Jets.

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the BLACKOUT power rankings

1-Steelers (the addition of Big Ben puts them ahead of the Ravens)

2-Jets (the additionS of Pace and Holmes put them ahead of the Ravens)


4-Saints (they keep winning)


6-Patriots (ugh i hate these assholes)

7-Packers (over rated...can't run for sh*t)

8-Chiefs (i'm just being fair to the last undefeated team...they'll get the living turdsh*t kicked out of them against Indy)

9-Vikings (i'm worried about Adrian Peterson)

10-Eagles (are a top 5 team with Vick)

bottom 5:

28 Browns (Mangini needs to use Harrison as the #1 back, this guy is a MONSTER...not that Hillis isn't turning into one)

29 Raiders (what happened to Jason Campbell? oh and now Run DMC is hurt)

30 Bills (what a tough schedule)

31 Cardinals (how the phuck are they 2-2? they've been blown out twice already and I see rougher times ahead)

32 49ers

that's right...the Lions escape the bottom 5...barely

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