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1st qtr comparison.


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LaDainian Tomlinson

Car(56) Yards(341) Avg.(6.1) TD(3) Cat(10) Rec. Yds(66) Rec. avg(6.6)

Thomas Jones

Car(52) Yards(217) Avg.(4.2) TD(1) Cat(2) Rec. Yds(6) Rec. avg(2)

I Think Rex was right. LT behind this offensive line is scare. For what its worth though, TJ is doing exactly what he was doing here. Good to see.

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lol. We're 1 qtr. of the season in. Jones should explode after this Colts game.

If doing poorly early on:

He needs 10-12 carries to get warmed up.

If still doing poorly after that:

There was nowhere to run. No one else would have done any better.

If he does well right away:

Just proves how awesome he is.

lol - Jones was fine. He was very durable, knew how to hold onto the ball, protected his QB (with blocking, not by being a checkdown option), and was reportedly a great team leader. Also I like stories of veteran players popping mouthy, overpaid rookies who suck -- like he (allegedly) did to Cedric Benson. But most of those carries for yards after contact or where players like Leon - or LT - kick it to the outside? We missed out on a ton of those, as well as a ton of drives that might have been kept alive with a true receiving threat.

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